Marie Osmond, age 60, shares trick for full, youthful lips she learned from Lucille Ball

Marie Osmond has staying power, and she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. “I’m one of the few females that has sustained a career for over six decades,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. Her secret? “I look at every decade not as something that’s depressing but something that’s defining.”

Oh, and a little bit of makeup helps along the way, too.

“I love makeup, I understand it,” she says. “Makeup is not your enemy, and you don’t have to look like you’re going out at night in order to wear it. You don’t want to try to look 20 when you’re—ahem—29.”

Marie loves a multi-tasking product, and her go-to lip color is just that. “There’s a great stick by Trish McEvoy and it’s called Plum,” she says. “Put it on your lips, put it on your cheeks, you can even put it on your eye and throw on a little mascara and you’re set.”

Another multi-use staple product in her makeup kit is a brow bone highlighter that does much, much more.

“Another great tip is one I learned from Lucille Ball,” she says. “When you do your lip, girls will just do their bottom lip. You never want your bottom lip to be bigger than your top lip. You want to take your pencil and just flick up the corners and make sure that bottom lip tucks underneath it.”

The key to keeping your lip line looking youthful and taught is all in the brow highlighter. “As you get older, that goes away. So you want to just highlight under [your lips]. Anastasia makes a great little stick that’s for your eyebrow but it’s great — you can cover a pimple with it, you can fill in a dark circle, it’s a fabulous pencil.”

Marie Osmond learned a beauty trick from Lucille Ball. (Credit: Getty)

She uses the same pencil all over her face. “Put a little light here [on your philtrum], put a little light under [your lips] so you don’t have that big dark spot, and tuck your [bottom] lip underneath your top lip, and it looks really nice and fresh and young.”

As for eyes, it’s all about creating a doe-eyed, open look. “I like Marc Jacobs [eyeliner], it’s really soft but it’s thin.” She applies the liner on her upper waterline “it gives you the illusion of an eyeliner without a [heavy line], and it’s really wonderful,” she says. “You can even put it [on your waterline], but I just like the upper because it just looks like you look fresh.”

Marie is a stickler about taking care of her skin, and not just on her face. “Make sure you wear sunscreen,” she says. “Especially if you’re 20 and up.” Her favorite is a drugstore brand, CeraVe.

She keeps it simple with another cult favorite drugstore product, too. “I swear by it, it’s called Bio-Oil. It smells great, you put it all over after a shower before you towel off. It just keeps your skin looking beautiful, it’s amazing stuff.”

The biggest influence in Marie’s life when it comes to beauty and wellness is her mother.

“My mother raised me with a slogan, it’s in my dressing room at The Talk, it says, ‘never leave the house without lipstick,’” she says. “You don’t have to be super made up, but always look like you care.”

Her mother also left her with some profound words. “A couple of days before my mother passed away, she looked at me and said, ‘don’t do to your body what I did to mine.’” Marie followed her mother’s advice, trying “everything on the planet diet-wise, and I found Nutrisystem.”

For her, Nutrisystem was the answer because it didn’t make her feel deprived. “It works because you’re eating ice cream and pasta and pizza, and you don’t feel like you’re on a diet. They teach you how to live so that food is your friend and not an enemy,” she says. “So you tell them what you want to lose, what your goal is, and they look at your body type, and then you get to pick the foods you want.”

Marie’s go-to choices were comfort foods. “If you want to eat mac and cheese all day, go for it. I know that’s all I wanted to do,” she says. “I’ve kept my weight off now for 14 years. I have never been able to do that. By me getting healthy, it’s created my children being healthier and the next generation being healthier. It’s not that we pass genetics as much as we pass habits.”

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