Marine Biologist Finds Coke Can in Australian Bay After 'Several Weeks' Without Litter

Free diver and marine biologist Jules Casey removed a Coca-Cola can from the bottom of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, in a video she posted to Instagram on September 13, noting that it was the first piece of trash she’d found there in several weeks.

The can rests atop a bed of seaweed as Casey swims toward it, not before capturing a glimpse of a brightly colored fish hanging out beneath the plants.

Casey removes the can so she can properly dispose of it when her dive is over, and took to her Instagram caption to note the decrease in litter she has seen since lockdowns have been in place, and encourage people to continue cleaning up their communities.

“For several weeks there has been no litter,” she said. “Imagine if we could continue this behavior after lockdown … our marine life would love it.” Credit: Jules Casey via Storyful