It's-A-Me, Mario: Man Dressed as Iconic Character Goes Storm Chasing in Batavia, Illinois

A storm-chasing Mario braved driving rain to provide weather updates as severe thunderstorms hit Batavia, Illinois, on November 10.

Footage uploaded by @weathermanjosh shows him dressed as the popular video game character Mario while being lashed by wind and rain. “My anemometer measured a wind gust of 64 mph in Batavia Illinois at 4:53 pm central time,” wrote @weathermanjosh.

“This is a dangerous line of storm with a history of brief tornados and destructive winds over 60 mph. Severe storms arriving downtown Chicago around 5:24 pm. Take shelter now!”

The National Weather Service had issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the area on Tuesday. Credit: @weathermanjosh via Storyful