Marjorie Taylor Greene goes on unhinged, hate-fill rant about trans kids and gay sex

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Firebrand Republican congress member Marjorie Taylor Greene spent her Tuesday (6 June) telling LGBT+ Americans to keep quiet about “what you like to do in the bedroom”.

Greene, who is somehow an elected official, went on an abrupt, hate-filled rant that seemingly acted as a greatest hits list of Donald Trump’s catchphrases, from the borders and police to so-called election fraud.

Claiming to speak for all Americans, she tweeted: “Your identity is not your sexual preference or what you like to do in the bedroom.

“Most Americans don’t agree with the invasion of trans biological men in girls/women’s sports.”

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Republican statehouses have becomes obsessed with banning trans teens from taking part in school sports, despite the fact that almost all legislators rely on tired fear-mongering myths and, well, a complete lack of evidence when asked why such bans must be passed.

“Don’t forget Dem voters have daughters too and do NOT want biological men beating their girls,” Greene added.

Marjorie Taylor Greene says racism no longer exists before taking aim at, er, Kamala Harris

“No one likes Kamala [Harris],” Marjorie Taylor Greene said elsewhere in the thread, despite the fact that, er, American voters overwhelmingly elected her into office.

That also came only moments after she said racism no longer exists in the US because the nation has had a “Black POTUS, VP of colour” and lawmakers.

She also claimed nobody supports the Green Deal, which would give America a roadmap out of fossil fuel reliance, despite the fact that 81 per cent of voters – and even the majority of Republicans – support it, according to a survey from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

Greene, a devout QAnon conspiracy theorist, then took aim at representative Ilhan Omar whom she called an “ungrateful refugee” and peddled a claim that she “married her brother and broke the law to get him in the country”.

Omar has long said this was an “absurd and offensive” conspiracy theory.

She also said she is just a “regular American”, because all regular Americans are born into well-healed wealthy families and worked for years in the contracting company their father started. Yes.

She capped off her thread, “signed, The American people”. It remains unknown whether she literally asked all 328 million Americans whether they agree with her or not.

A casual reminder that this is the same Greene who is a notorious transphobe, a fierce critic of the Equality Act and once compared the House floor mask mandate – you know, wearing a piece of fabric on your face to protect others – to the Holocaust.

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