Starbucks to offer exclusive 50% off deal on iced drinks every Tuesday in July: 'Doing the lord's work'

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This July, iced coffee lovers can win big deals every Tuesday with Starbucks‘ 50% off promotion.

Starbucks“Summer Tuesyays” program began on July 5 and is available to all Starbucks Rewards members. Account holders may redeem weekly 50% off coupons for various iced beverages. This deal is perfect for anyone who wants to cool off while out and about under the hot sun!

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TikToker @_genspo_ shared this video on how she scored an iced coffee from Starbucks for an incredibly discounted price using her Summer Tuesyays coupon.

“I just got a tall little coffee,” @_genspo_ explained. “It was $2.”

Starbucks lovers flocked to the comment section to express their excitement.

“Was debating Starbucks tomorrow, and this was my sign,” a TikToker commented.

“Blessed to be seeing this Monday night,” another said.

“Madam, you are doing the lord’s work,” someone wrote.

This TikTok shared by user @coffeewithkarla demonstrates how to redeem Starbucks’ 50% off coupon in the rewards app. Once you reach the check-out window to order drinks for pick-up, the coupon redemption button will appear in the middle of the screen, between your item list and the order’s total price.

For Starbucks’ 50% off promotion, eligible drinks include cold brews, iced teas, Refreshers and Frappuccinos. Additionally, the program only runs in select locations, so check the Starbucks app to find the closest accepting location near you.

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