Mark Charnock wants to forge writing career

Mark Charnock would love to forge a career as a writer credit:Bang Showbiz
Mark Charnock would love to forge a career as a writer credit:Bang Showbiz

Mark Charnock would love to forge a career as a writer.

The 'Emmerdale' actor - who has played Marlon Dingle since October 1996 - wants to be "acknowledged" as a wordsmith after he penned several novels and short stories, but he joked someone will probably find them when he dies and "burn them".

He said: "I want to be a writer. All my closest friends are writers. I’d like to be acknowledged. I’ve got hundreds of thousands of words – novels and short stories. By the time I pop my clogs, there’s going to be this vast JD Salinger-esque locker of unpublished stories. Somebody will read them and go, ‘Oh, let’s burn them.’ "

Despite being an 'Emmerdale' veteran, Mark ensures he doesn't ever feel complacent about his time on the show.

He said: "I’m really strict with myself. I never think beyond the contract. The amount of people who come on this show and think they’re secure, only to get written out in a threshing accident … If you start taking it for granted, you’re finished."

Meanwhile, 'EastEnders' actress Natalie Cassidy - who has portrayed Sonia Fowler since 1993 - has hinted she may end up on 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' when her time on the show is over, or she quite fancies working as front-of-house staff in a restaurant.

She said: "I always think, when I’m in a restaurant and have been looked after very well, I could do that front-of-house stuff very well. Or maybe you’ll see me in the jungle.

"For the time being, though – and I never get complacent about this – I think Sonia’s part of the fabric of EastEnders. You have these big stars who come and go, but Sonia’s like the curtains or the walls or the wallpaper. You need that for the soap opera to work."

Over in 'Coronation Street', Sally Dynevor has portrayed Sally Metcalfe on the cobbles since October 1986, but admits she was once encouraged to leave the show by 'Corrie' legend Jean Alexander (Hilda Ogden) to try out other roles.

While Sally didn't take her advice, she now "completely understands" what Jean meant.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, she added: "Jean Alexander said: ‘Don’t stay. You should be out in the big wide world.’

"Some actors don’t like it – they don’t enjoy the length and the process. But some thrive there. I’m one of those."

"Now I’m older, I completely understand why Jean said what she did. I could have pushed myself, but I didn’t want to."