Mark Meadows' conservative book publisher is suing him for lying in his memoir after he reportedly flipped on Trump

  • The publisher of Mark Meadows' memoir is suing the former White House chief of staff.

  • All Seasons Press claims that Meadows lied to it and made false claims in his book.

  • The suit comes after reports that Meadows flipped on Trump.

Not everyone is happy with Mark Meadows' reported turn against former President Donald Trump.

On Friday, All Season Press, the independent publisher of Meadows' memoir, filed suit against the former White House chief of staff alleging he can't have both ways. In All Seasons' view, Meadows can't reportedly tell special counsel Jack Smith that he warned Trump against claiming the election was stolen only to write at length in his memoir that Trump really did win the 2020 presidential election.

"Meadows' reported statements to the Special Prosecutor and/or his staff [sic] and his reported grand jury testimony squarely contradict the statements in his Book, one central theme of which is that President Trump was the true winner of the 2020 Presidential Election and that election was 'stolen' and 'rigged' with the help from 'allies in the liberal media,' who ignored actual evidence of fraud, right there in plain sight for anyone to access and analyze," leading to the wrongful election of President Biden," the lawsuit claims.

All Seasons said it pulled the book, "The Chief's Chief," off the market on Thursday.

"With the media supplying ever increasingly credible evidence that Meadows lied in the Book in clear breach of the Agreement and the warranties that he made therein, ASP having heard nothing from Meadows and without contacting the Special Prosecutor, which would have rendered ASP vulnerable to accusations of attempting to interfere with the investigation, determined that it was ethically obliged and pulled the Book off the market on November 2, 2023," the suit reads.

According to the lawsuit, Meadows' publisher previously expressed concerns about the book's accuracy, particularly "misstatements concerning former President Trump." While not mentioned directly, it appears that this is a reference to Trump's public denial that the then-president tested positive for COVID-19 before his first debate with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and that Trump was far sicker than the White House said publicly.

The suit is notable as up until now Meadows' reported cooperation has not been publicly confirmed. A spokesperson previously referred Insider to Meadows' lawyer, George Terwilliger's, statement to CBS News: "I told ABC that their story was largely inaccurate. People will have to judge for themselves the decision to run it anyway." At the time both ABC News and Bloomberg reported that Smith granted Meadows immunity. According to ABC News, Meadows told investigators that he did not believe some of the claims that are in the book.

Meadows devoted significant length in "The Chief's Chief" to the unfounded and widely debunked theories that widespread election fraud cost Trump the White House. At the time, Meadows' claims made sense because later evidence and testimony would reveal that few, if any, figures inside the White House pushed harder to overturn the election than Trump's chief of staff. All Seasons claims that now something is amiss.

All Seasons Press, which has worked with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and published a Tucker Carlson biography, is suing Meadows for his $350,000 book advance, more than $1 million in estimated lost profits and other damages, $600,000 in other costs, and attorney fees. A representative for Meadows did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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