Mark Meadows Flipped, And People Are Imagining How Trump Will React

After the news broke that Mark Meadows,Donald Trump’s former White House chief of staff, would be testifying against him in the Department of Justice’scase involving Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results, many people on social media turned into psychics.

The Justice Department has reportedly given Meadows immunity in exchange for his testimony.

Since Trump commonly attacks former aides and employees, the social media seers weren’t predicting how Meadows’ testimony might affect Trump’s risk of conviction. Instead, they offered ideas on just how the former president would react to the news that his former chief of staff had flipped.

The general consensus? He won’t be happy. Oh, and he’ll probably have amnesia.

That’s a pretty safe bet. Trump has already denied that Sidney Powell was his attorney despite receipts to the contrary.

Political consultant and “never Trumper” Rick Wilson suggested the former president would refer to his former aide as “Mark who?”

Wilson also joked that Trump would say Meadows “was a volunteer. A coffee boy. Some guy who hung around the campaign.”

You might remember “coffee boy” was how Trump referred to former foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos after that aide pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about how he was offered “dirt” about 2016 presidential rival Hillary Clinton from the Russian government.

Others who imagined what Trump’s first comments would be suggested that the former president would say “Meadows was always weak and could never hack the job of being my chief of staff” and that he only got the lofty White House post because “I felt sorry for him.”

Others added their ideas of what Trump might say.