Mark Wright leaves fans 'cringing' at his dodgy American accent during Liam Neeson interview

Mark Wright has been enjoying his new presenting gig in America for the past several weeks, interviewing some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

But during a teaser clip of his interview with action star Liam Neeson, for Extra TV, fans were distracted by his newly acquired ‘American twang’, with many commenting that his change in accent left them ‘cringing’.

Sharing a short clip on his Instagram page of him discussing fashion with Neeson, fans were quick to point out that Mark’s accent seemed to sound like a British and American hybrid.

Mark Wright and his ‘cringe’ accent (Mark Wright/Instagram/Extra TV)
Mark Wright and his ‘cringe’ accent (Mark Wright/Instagram/Extra TV)

‘Sorry but I can’t get over Mark Wright on instagram, what’s with the change of accent all of a sudden! You’ve been in America 5 mins,’ one commented.

While another said: ‘Why does Mark Wright now have this cringey new accent is he trying to be posh!?

And another added: ‘Howling at Mark Wright’s accent. What the f*** off!’

A fourth said: ‘This new accent his putting on makes me cringe so much.’

While others noted: ‘Do not lose ur accent! BRITISH AND PROUD! ‘ and ‘What’s happened to your accent Mark?’

Mark’s change in accent comes after he admitted to his co-host Mario Lopez that he is undergoing elocution lessons to ‘neutralise’ his thick Essex accent, and help his US audience understand him.

He said on the first episode of his new show in September: ‘It’s just to neutralise my accent.

‘I speak quite regional, so if I was going to invite you to the pub this is how I would usually do it to my friends. I’d say “What’s happenin’ bruv? You wanna go down the pub for a pint and a bit of grub?”‘

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