Prosecco-flavoured crisps are a thing and they’ll be in an M&S near you this Christmas

Amy O'Connor
Marks amp Spencer results

CHRISTMAS MAY BE six months away, but that hasn’t stopped Marks & Spencer from announcing what food offerings they will have in store this December.

The supermarket unveiled its Christmas menu today and, well, Marks & Spencer has some culinary monstrosities up its sleeve for the festive season.

Have you ever tasted guacamole and thought, “Hmm, I like this, but it’s really missing that Brussels sprouts taste”?

Introducing Brusselmole.

It’s guacamole, but instead of avocado, it’s made with Brussels sprouts.


And if you can’t get enough that Brussels sprouts taste, you’re going to love the “sprout sausage”.

The sprout sausage looks like a normal sausage until you bite into it and realize it’s filled with Brussels sprouts. A spokesperson for M&S described it as “a great way to sneak this Christmas dinner must-have onto the plates of sprout avoiders”.

Do you have no morals, Marks and Spencer?

Food KitchenWise Brussels Sprouts

As if all that weren’t enough, the supermarket will also launch Prosecco-flavoured crisps.

The crisps are apparently sprinkled with pink glitter designed to fizz on your tongue.


We don’t know whether to be disgusted or intrigued.

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