Marlins will encourage fans to bring flags, musical instruments to park in 2019

The Miami Marlins have come up with a creative way to get fans excited about the team. Starting in 2019, the Marlins will encourage fans to bring flags and musical instruments to one section in the outfield, according to Andy Slater.

The section will be called “Comunidad 305,” which is both a nod to the Latinx community in Miami and the city’s area code.

Marlins encouraging fans to bring musical instruments, flags to games

While the Marlins’ strategy is innovative for Major League Baseball, cheering section are far more common in international leagues. In Japanese baseball, there are oendan, which the Japan Times classifies as “organized cheering groups who take up sections in the bleachers.” Those fans can use instruments during games. The Caribbean Series in Mexico and the MLB games played in Cuba also featured fans with flags. The World Baseball Classic — which the Marlins hosted — provided a similar atmosphere. 

Marlins trying to create a different atmosphere for fans

When Derek Jeter became a part-owner of the Marlins, he stressed the desire to be more welcoming to Latin fans in the city.

On top of encouraging this cheering section, Jeter has also required English-speaking players and coaches to take Spanish lessons.

The Marlins will allow fans to bring musical instruments and flags into the park in 2019. (Photo by Alex Trautwig/WBCI/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

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