'Married At First Sight's' most shocking dinner party moments

Ines, Dean and Jonesy have provided some of the most watchable dinner party moments. (Channel 9)
Ines, Dean and Jonesy have provided some of the most watchable dinner party moments. (Channel 9)

It's the social event everyone wants to be a fly on the wall at and no one wants to be a guest at - the Married At First Sight dinner party.

The UK series' recent reboot gave us one of reality TV's most drama-filled scenes when it lifted the dinner party format from the Australian version, which has been hosting the explosive parties for a few series already.

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Once a week, the couples get together for dinner, supposedly to update each other on what they've been doing recently.

But the wine-fuelled parties usually descend into fights between the couples and have provided some of the must-see moments of many a series.

As Australia's season eight invites the couples to dine, we look back over some of the moments we can't forget.

Nikita storms out

Pictured: Ant and Nikita.
Things didn't end happily for Ant and Nikita. (Channel 4)

The first MAFS UK dinner party didn't disappoint as outspoken Nikita raised the volume and shouted down not only her own husband Ant, but also Alexis's husband Jordon.

Insults flew as she called out Jordon for his treatment of Alexis on honeymoon and eventually stormed out - but after she left things got even more complicated as Ant and Alexis began to flirt, and Jordon secretly kissed another bride, Megan.

Later, Nikita was removed from the show completely for aggressive behaviour, while Ant and Alexis briefly tried out a new relationship together.

Morag's U-turn over Josh DMs

Morag's DMs revelation backfired. (Channel 4)
Morag's DMs revelation backfired. (Channel 4)

Morag became one of the most controversial characters in the UK's season six thanks to her treatment of husband Luke, but her most memorable dinner party moment actually involved someone else's husband.

Earlier in the week, Morag had made a dramatic announcement to Amy that her husband Josh had slid into her DMs the previous year - before any of the group had even met.

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Somehow, it escalated into a huge row over dinner where Morag cried that she had no idea why it was such an issue or how she had become the bad guy, as Amy explained to her "because you brought it up, Morag".

Josh did not come off well from the argument either, after telling wife Amy to "shut your mouth".

Franky doesn't want Marilyse talking when he's talking

Franky really didn't like Marilyse talking while he was talking. (Channel 4)
Franky really didn't like Marilyse talking while he was talking. (Channel 4)

MAFS UK viewers had been feeling increasingly uneasy about what they suspected to be Franky's controlling behaviour towards wife Marilyse, but things got a whole lot worse during one of the later dinner parties.

Couples had to read out anonymous letters written to them by other members of the group, with Franky not coping at all well with the criticism.

But as Marilyse tried to smooth things over, he told her: "Maybe don't talk while I'm talking."

Many viewers could not believe Marilyse stayed with him after the comment, although they have since split.

Sean calls out Jonesy

Jonesy was accused of 'bagging out' Cheryl. (Channel 9)
Jonesy was accused of 'bagging out' Cheryl. (Channel 9)

Way back in MAFS Australia season four, fireman and wannabe musician Jonesy carved out a niche for himself as the show's biggest villain over his shocking treatment of second wife Cheryl.

Viewers had originally felt sorry for Jonesy when wife Lauren did a runner on his wedding day, but when he returned for a second chance with Cheryl whose first husband Jonathan had also not been the right match, Jonesy's mask began to slip.

After a drunken boys' night where he made fun of Cheryl's body, intelligence and suggested he'd like a threesome with both his brides, series gentleman Sean could take no more and chose the dinner party to step in and accuse Jonesy of "bagging out Cheryl".

It was a landmark moment as Jonesy had been happy to let the rest of the group, particularly twins Sharon and Michelle, believe that Cheryl was at fault, and it elevated Sean to most popular groom of the series - whilst Jonesy was dubbed "the most hated man in Australia".

Ines and Sam's stress-filled dinners

Ines and Sam's awkward affair picked up pace at the dinner party. (Channel 9)
Ines and Sam's awkward affair picked up pace at the dinner party. (Channel 9)

Couple in-fighting reached a peak in season six of MAFS Australia, thanks in no small part to Ines and Sam starting the bad atmosphere.

Both had been matched with different spouses - Ines with Bronson and Sam with Elizabeth - but even before they got together, the awkwardness they brought to the dinner party was enough to give the other contestants indigestion.

Sam made a surprise appearance at the first dinner party after leaving Elizabeth before they even got to go on honeymoon supposedly to attend his ex-girlfriend's mother's funeral, while Ines, who made it clear she wasn't there to make friends with the group, labelled him "a snack I want to eat".

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The couple later began an affair on a group holiday to the Gold Coast and used the codeword "cupcake" at a dinner party to sneak away and flirt over Sam's chickenpox - which had seen him go AWOL from the show again.

But their blossoming romance quickly turned sour and escalated into a row over Sam ghosting Ines at the reunion dinner party, as well as his treatment of Elizabeth, which got so heated that he refused to turn up to the final catch-up episode.

Jessika versus series 6

Jess made her attraction to Dan obvious. (Channel 9)
Jess made her attraction to Dan obvious. (Channel 9)

Once Ines was out of the picture, season six needed a new villain - step forward, Jessika.

She'd been a cheerleader of Ines' behaviour and decided to take a leaf out of her book by cheating on her own husband, everyone's favourite farmer Mick.

Jess initially tried her luck with Cyrell's husband Nic, but when she got an awkward but firm brush off, she headed straight for newcomer Dan who had entered the experiment halfway through with Tamara.

Mike's wife Heidi despaired over his row with Jess. (Channel 9)
Mike's wife Heidi despaired over his row with Jess. (Channel 9)

In the least subtle dinner party flirting the show has ever seen, a worse-for-wear Jess unlaced her dress at Dan while sitting round the table with the rest of the group, and they later snuck away for a kiss.

Their affair led to the pair asking to stay in the experiment with each other and ditch their partners, something that went down terribly with the rest of the group as Jess had kept Mick in the show for weeks while he had been asking to leave.

Jess also managed to fit in dinner party rows with Heidi's husband Mike as the pair clashed frequently over differences of opinion on just about everything.

Martha throws wine at Cyrell

Martha tipped her drink over Cyrell. (Channel 9)
Martha tipped her drink over Cyrell. (Channel 9)

One of the key moments of season six was hot-tempered Cyrell storming Martha and Michael's apartment to start an inexplicable argument over something that Jess had done while the confused couple wore pampering face masks and dressing gowns.

Cyrell did later apologise, but it was clear that Martha was never going to truly forgive her, and by the reunion dinner party the simmering resentment was ready to bubble over once more.

Martha and Cyrell thrashed out their issues. (Channel 9)
Martha and Cyrell thrashed out their issues. (Channel 9)

As Cyrell got louder in her outrage over the many cheating incidents from the course of the series, she started to shout at Michael that he was too scared to stand up to Martha, who had known about a lot of the scandal.

Martha told Ines "I'm going to pour my drink on her" and coolly went ahead with her plan - unfortunately forgetting that she was wearing a white dress herself, which ended up splattered with Cyrell's own red wine.

Tracey, Dean, Davina and Ryan's love square

Dean faced the music at the dinner party. (Channel 9)
Dean faced the music at the dinner party. (Channel 9)

MAFS Australia season five can fly a little under the radar of the drama surrounding season six, but not only did it give us the show's first cheating scandal, it also offered possibly the greatest dinner party ever.

In the very first commitment ceremony, Tracey was completely blindsided as husband Dean, who she'd thought was definitely into her, admitted with seemingly no shame that he had been cheating on her with Davina.

However, both couples had chosen to stay for another week, leading to beyond awkward scenes at the next dinner party.

Tracey and Davina were not on the same page. (Channel 9)
Tracey and Davina were not on the same page. (Channel 9)

Dean tried to explain his behaviour in a cringeworthy speech while everyone treated Tracey like she hadn't fully grasped the situation as she desperately tried to convince everyone they were in love.

Somehow, Davina remained convinced she'd done nothing wrong and that even Tracey should feel sorry for her as some of the other brides tried in vain to explain to her that she should probably apologise.

Ryan, who came off as the hero of the piece, repeatedly told Dean to "f*** off" every time he attempted conversation. Ryan later went on to date Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby after they met on the Australian version of I'm A Celebrity.

Carly and Troy are MAFS' least likely couple

Carly and Troy got a second chance at romance. (Channel 9)
Carly and Troy got a second chance at romance. (Channel 9)

After the early drama of the love square, season five seemed to calm down - but it still had one more bombshell to drop at the reunion dinner party.

Comedy couple Ashley and Troy had kept viewers entertained for much of the series as floppy-haired, bumbling Troy tried to win over no-nonsense Ashley with his sense of humour.

Despite a few big clashes, the couple seemed to respect each other as friends, making it all the more shocking when Troy turned up to the end-of-series dinner party with new love Carly.

Ashley was shocked to see Troy's new love. (Channel 9)
Ashley was shocked to see Troy's new love. (Channel 9)

She had been stuck in a completely emotionless marriage to millionaire Justin, which had zero spark and saw Justin keep disappearing for work.

When Carly and Troy appeared hand in hand at the dinner, it left jaws on the floor, including Ashley who they hadn't thought to tip off first and who was understandably furious.

No one was quite able to get their head around the new match, which lasted nine months, but Carly now has a baby with former Neighbours actor Neil Goldsmith.

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