Married At First Sight's Bob finds love after marriage ended in disaster

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MAFS UK Bob and Megan
Megan and Bob on 'Married At First Sight UK' (E4)

Married At First Sight UK star Bob Voysey has found new love after his marriage ended in disaster on the show.

The 26-year-old business protection specialist was coupled up with Megan Wolfe on the E4 series, meeting her for the first time on their wedding day as she walked down the aisle.

However, their relationship quickly collapsed, and it was made worse when Wolfe admitted to kissing another participant, Jordan Mardell.

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Despite continuing to fight for the romance, it proved irreparable and they eventually chose to leave the experiment.

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Speaking on the Celebrity Search Engine podcast, Voysey said that while he didn’t find love on the show, he has managed to find something more promising shortly after.

“I’ve had a lot of offers to be Mrs Bob, Mrs Big Bob,” he said. “I’ve had one woman who said she’d leave her husband and kids to be with [me]. A bit mad, you know, each to their own.”

“There is someone I’m dating but it’s hard because she’s not in this [celebrity] world and I still don’t think I am but just sort of seeing how things are going,” he revealed.

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“But it’s quite hard because there’s a lot to take in on both sides. I’m sort of just keeping things open but at the same time seeing what comes from it.”

Pictured: Robert, 26
'Married At First Sight UK' star Bob (E4)

Reflecting on his time on the series, Voysey seems to have mixed feelings about the whole experience.

“I can safely say it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever done in my life because of how bad, the bad parts of my journey and how emotional I was,” he admitted.

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“But then at the same time, it was honestly one of the best things and probably is gonna be the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.

“It was very surreal and the wedding day itself was the best day of my life, regardless.”

The series ended on Monday night with only three couples surviving the entire experiment. Since filming, another couple has called it quits. 

Pictured: (L-R) Alexis, Jordon, Adam, Tayah (bottom row), Morag, Luke, Robert, Joshua, Megan (bottom row), Amy, Franky, Daniel, Marilyse, Matt, Ant and Nikita.
Married At First Sight UK's cast (E4)

At the reunion special, Voysey and Wolfe were on good terms, forming a friendship out of their shared experience.

He told the cast: “From my perspective, emotions were thrown all over the place. Myself, I cried a lot, and it is a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be. I'm really happy where we are and glad that we went through this experiment.”

Talking about his now ex-wife’s kiss with Mardell, Voysey added: “It was quite difficult to go through at the time, but, you know, put it into perspective to sort of where we are now, it's, for me, sort of water under the bridge. That happened, that's it.”

Wolfe agreed and added: “Life’s too short. If you get an opportunity to take something good from a very difficult situation, we've both grabbed that with both hands.”

Married At First Sight UK is available to watch on All 4.

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