'Married At First Sight UK' fans wish Luke 'every happiness' over Morag split

Married At First Sight UK
Morag and Luke revealed they had split. (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight UK fans have been cheering on Luke after his split from Morag was revealed during the show's reunion episode.

Monday night's instalment caught up with the series couples months on from their time in the experiment to see who was still together - and revealed that Morag and Luke had called time on their romance.

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The episode began with Morag telling the group that Luke had ghosted her after the cameras stopped rolling, but he later told the experts he had messaged her "every day" and that she had told him she didn't want to be married to him.

Other stars of the show looked shocked during the ex couple's chat with the relationship experts as claims emerged that Morag had said Luke was never her boyfriend and that they were never really together, but just taking part in a TV programme.

Married at First Sight UK
The former couple shared an awkward hug. (Channel 4)

Morag stuck to her story that Luke had never called her, but he said that he had been looking forward to giving his side of events and told the group he "felt used".

MAFS UK fans voiced their support of Luke, who had been told throughout the series that he was "not what she ordered" and had agreed to change his image and opinions on whether to have children in order to fit in with Morag.

One viewer tweeted: "Morag finally gets the bad boy she wanted at the start. Well done Luke."

Someone else added: "Morag true colours came out. It was just a tv experience."

Married At First Sight reunion
Luke said he was happy to have moved on. (Channel 4)

Others said that they were happy for Luke and his decision to move on.

A viewer tweeted: "Well done Luke, you deserve every happiness!"

Another fan wrote: "Honestly so happy for Luke in #MAFSUK he finally stood up for himself and realised that Morag didn't want him. The reunion was the best episode of the series."

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Josh and Amy also revealed they had split after struggling to keep things going in the real world, but Matt and Dan, Marilyse and Franky, and Tayah and Adam all chose to stay together.

Speaking on Tuesday's This Morning about the Luke and Morag split, Matt said: "I think that was inevitable, I'm really close with Luke he's a really good friend of mine. They're just two very different people who want different things and we had to watch that play out in front of us."

Morag claimed Luke had ghosted her. (Channel 4)
Morag claimed Luke had ghosted her. (Channel 4)

Monday's reunion episode aired during the social media blackout that saw Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp affected by service problems.

One viewer joked: "Please spare a thought for the cast of Married at First Sight who married total strangers for Instagram clout, only to have their final episode air during the longest Instagram outage of the decade."

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