Married At First Sight UK's Morag slammed by viewers for U-turn on Josh DMs drama

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Pictured: Expert Charlene Douglas, Luke and Morag.
Morag has fallen foul of 'MAFS UK' viewers. (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight UK viewers have called out Morag for crying over a row with Josh about year-old DMs, pointing out that she had created the drama in the first place. 

The E4 reality show follows strangers matched by relationship experts who meet for the first time at their weddings to each other, but one wife outraged viewers on Monday night when she claimed she was being unfairly treated during an explosive row.

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Last week, Morag had told another contestant, Amy, that her husband Josh had sent her some DMs and liked her photos on social media a year ago, leaving Amy and viewers confused as to why she thought it was a problem worth mentioning.

But in Monday's dramatic dinner party episode, Josh claimed he had no memory of ever having contacted Morag, leading to a tense argument in which Morag shouted that it had happened "a few years ago" and that it "wasn't a big deal".

Pictured: Morag
Morag angered viewers by provoking an argument. (Channel 4)

The show's fans blasted Morag for trying to shift the blame on to Josh, pointing out that the DMs drama had only become an issue because she had brought it up repeatedly.

One viewer tweeted: "If it was so many years ago WHY BRING IT UP MORAG ????"

Someone else wrote: "Morag is the WORST !! Caused all the drama then played victim."

Another person commented: "Morag screaming at them to not make a thing out of it when it was her that made it a thing in the first place."

Pictured: Joshua and Amy.
Josh and Amy were drawn into the Morag argument. (Channel 4)

Amy told Morag that she had caused the problem by bringing up something that had happened a long time before she and Josh joined the cast of Married At First Sight UK, leading to Morag fleeing the dinner party table in tears and sobbing: "Why am I suddenly the bad guy?"

One fan tweeted: "Can you imagine, Morag caused all of this just to turn around and say it’s not a big deal?!"

Someone else added: "'Why am I suddenly the bad guy??' It’s a mystery Morag love, almost like someone brought it up; out of the clear blue sky, to stir up some drama."

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The Morag-and-Josh drama was not the only argument of the episode, as Franky shocked viewers and wife Marilyse by telling her "maybe don't talk while I'm talking" as she tried to speak to the rest of the group.

Former military man Franky had been riled by anonymous letters that the group had been asked to send to other couples, complaining that he had again been labelled as controlling.

Amy managed to upset Adam and Tayah, who claim to have fallen in love after meeting just a couple of weeks earlier, as she made a comment about some couples seeming "gushy" in front of the relationship experts that they took to be directed at them.

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