'Married At First Sight UK' viewers convinced they've found Chanita's true love

MAFS Reunion Dinner Party
Chanita at the reunion Married At First Sight dinner party. (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight UK's reunion dinner party broke the shock news to fans that golden couple Chanita and Jordan had broken up - but viewers believe they might just have found Chanita's happy ever after in a different contestant.

From the first episode, Chanita and Jordan had appeared to be the strongest couple, so viewers were surprised to see her turn up to the catch-up dinner alone and in tears as she explained that things had gone downhill for the pair after the show ended.

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Chanita told how Jordan had not seemed keen to see her and had then told her he didn't feel they were compatible.

MAFS Reunion Dinner Party
Chanita caught up with Adrian and Jenna. (Channel 4)

But while fans were devastated to see her in tears, they spotted a new romance blossoming as Duka, dumped by wife Whitney who decided to change partners to Matt, returned and made it clear he was attracted to her.

As the group enjoyed drinks before the dinner, Duka came to sit next to Chanita and began flirting, but was swiftly blocked by Jordan who looked like he might be regretting his decision.

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One viewer tweeted: "Hear me out for a minute….chanita and Duka look good together."

Someone else agreed: "Can Duka and Chanita get together plz coz that would be adorrrbsssss."

MAFS Reunion Dinner Party
Jordan explained the split to Zoe. (Channel 4)

Another fan suggested: "Whilst on Duka’s live on Instagram he said he was loved up. I would love the twist on the final show to be that it’s with Chanita and all is revealed tonight."

Someone else wrote: "I genuinely hope Chanita and Duka end up together - they are both so pure and real."

When the infamous dinner party honesty box appeared - containing questions for the contestants - one viewer tweeted: "Honesty box needs to ask Duka if he wants to take Chanita on a date HEHEEEEE."

Fans were delighted to see that Zoe and Jenna were still in love, while April and George said that they were continuing to make a long-distance relationship work.

MAFS Reunion Dinner Party
The group faced a final honesty box. (Channel 4)

Matt and Whitney had not stayed together despite declaring love after just a couple of weeks and viewers mocked Matt's outfit - tight-fitting shorts and shirt with a waistcoat.

One viewer tweeted: "Why is he dressed like he is in the Von Trapp family."

Someone else joked: "When you’ve got a MAFS reunion at 8 & Oktoberfest at 9!"

Another viewer wrote: "Matt came dressed as a Victorian orphan."

Someone else added: "Why was Matt dressed like a toddler at a wedding."

Fans of the show were unsurprised to see that Sophie and Johnathan had split over a difference in their lifestyles, but pleased to see that Adrian and Thomas, although not in a relationship, had arrived as close friends.

One viewer tweeted: "If they don’t get Adrian and Thomas on gogglebox after this, Channel 4 have missed a trick."

Married At First Sight UK concludes tonight at 9pm on E4.