Married at First Sight star comes out as bisexual and wants to film NSFW content with girls on OnlyFans

Maggie Baska
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Married at First Sight star Hayley Vernon has come out as bisexual, revealing wants to film NSFW content with girls on OnlyFans.

The programme sees total strangers marry after being paired up with their ‘ideal partner’ by relationship experts. Vernon was ‘married’ to truck driver David Cannon in season seven of Married at First Sight.

She said it was “only after” leaving the reality TV show that she felt “confident enough to explore” her sexuality.

Vernon, who has an OnlyFans account, came out as bisexual in an Instagram Live Q&A session on Sunday (21 March) after one fan asked her whether she got “turned on more by the women or men”.

The reality star replied: “I’m bisexual. It was only after [Married at First Sight that] I was confident enough to explore my sexuality.

“I dated two girls post [Married at First Sight] but learnt [they’re] harder to handle than most men.”

Instagram Live Hayley Vernon

Earlier in the month, Vernon told the Daily Mail Australia that she’d joined forced with professional surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey to create some “girl-on-girl” content together. She said: “Collaborations are what makes us women so successful within the industry.”

She added that she was “grateful” to work with Coffey, who she called “one of Australia’s biggest babes”.

Vernon also revealed during her Instagram live that she doesn’t regret her time on Married at First Sight. She said her time on the hit show was “another chapter in my book” and that a “lot of good came out of it”.

Instagram Live Hayley Vernon

Vernon is not the first bisexual person to appear on Married at First Sight.

In the eighth season of Married at First Sight Australia, Liam Cooper was outed as bisexual on his wedding day. The star was outed by fellow show participant Rebecca Zemek, taking away the prison case officer’s opportunity to come out to his bride-to-be Georgia Fairweather.

In a subsequent episode, Cooper revealed to his new wife that he’d had more than 50 sexual partners in total.

The show’s revelations left man viewer’s “shocked” by Cooper’s sexuality and at, for some reason, how many people he has had sex with.