Married At First Sight star Lucinda blocked by Tim and says 'last I’ll say on this'

Lucinda and Tim in happier times
-Credit: (Image: Lucina Reilly Instagram)

Married at First Sight Australia's Lucinda Reilly has revealed a falling out with ex-husband Timothy Smith. The pair had a tumultuous journey on the E4 series and chose to part ways before the final ceremony.

But they stayed close following the show, visiting each other and staying firm friends. Lucinda revealed their friendship now appeared to be over as she explained Tim had blocked her on social media. Addressing the issue, Lucina revealed Tim has been 'hurt' by her sharing 'my feelings and hurt'.

Lucinda shared an Instagram photo with Timothy, writing: "In regards to the comments and blocking Tim has done - conscious, clear and kind communication would have been my preference. If I'd offended Tim, I would have loved a phone conversation toward resolve.

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"A couple of times I've confided in other cast members about genuine processes I've had since the show and behaviours that have upset me. I'm sure I'm not alone in that, we all need to process and share. Going on a reality TV show has been a huge experience and in many ways, I'm still processing it.

"In my heart, I’ve always held Tim with understanding and compassion. I take responsibility for any hurt I may of caused by sharing my feelings and hurts. There are no hard feelings my end and I still hold a lantern of hope for our friendship. Ho’oponopono - I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You.

"I appreciate the feedback from any cast members or anyone that feels I’ve upset Tim in anyway, certainly not my intention. If Tim doesn’t know what I stand for from the months of hanging out then there’s nothing I can do to about that. I only wish Tim all the love & success.

"This is the last I’ll say on this piece, I’ve said what I have to say. I want to get on with my life~ I’ve got lots of love to share and I believe Tim does too. Everyone’s just trying their best in this one precious life and I for one don’t want to spend my energy and time in war, with anyone."

Fellow Married at First Sight Australia 2023 contestants showed their support, with Andrea commenting: "Love you my beautiful friend" along with a heart emoji. Eden said: "Love you so much you classy lady!!"