Married at First Sight UK couples: Which contestants are paired up?

Married at First Sight UK is back for a new series, with a new group of singletons betting on love as they tie the knot with complete strangers.

The dating show returned to E4 at the end of August, showing a new group of contestants as they met their future spouses for the first time on their wedding days.

The couples have now been through their wedding days and honeymoons and are settling into married life.

When the show reaches its conclusion, the married couples must choose whether they will stay together or go separate ways.

Here are the Married at First Sight UK couples...

Chanita and Jordan

Jordan and Chanita (Channel 4)
Jordan and Chanita (Channel 4)

The first pair to couple up were Chanita, 29, and Jordan, who may be one of the best matched marriages of the series so far.

Jordan told Chanita she looked “beautiful” in her wedding dress and the pair bonded when Jordan opened up about the death of his grandma.

Fans called the pair the “best couple ever” as they enjoyed their honeymoon in Mauritius.

Social worker Chanita was in a 10-year relationship until two years ago and hopes to settle down and start a family with her new husband.

Jordan comes from Darlington and owns his own home, is close with his family and a good cook. However, Jordan isn’t prepared to settle for the sake of it.

Whitney and Duka

Whitney and Duka (Channel 4)
Whitney and Duka (Channel 4)

Whitney, 31, and Duka, 31, met on their wedding day in the first episode and it’s safe to say it wasn’t love at first sight for personal assistant Whitney.

She initially said that she was ready to do a runner, but the couple later connected when Whitney opened up about the recent death of her mother.

She later branded Duka “fake” and rolled her eyes whenever he spoke.

Whitney previously said that she wanted a man who was perfect and would tick all the right boxes for her.

Recruitment HR co-ordinator Duka, who moved to England from former Yugoslavia aged 10 without speaking any English, said he traditionally gets bored of the women who are attracted to him.

Thomas and Adrian

Thomas and Adrian (Channel 4)
Thomas and Adrian (Channel 4)

From the moment Thomas, 31, and Adrian, 37, met and Thomas said he hadn’t been expecting someone blonde who looked like Clare Balding, it was clear this couple might not be the perfect match.

Adrian’s best friend Katie expressed her disapproval with the relationship, saying that she didn’t want the digital designer to go on his honeymoon.

On the trip, the couple clashed, with Thomas storming off, saying: “I’m not f***ing talking to you.”

Mental health care assistant Thomas loves being the centre of attention and says being described as “nice” is his worst nightmare.

Adrian wants a partner who can make him laugh and is adventurous and trustworthy.

April and George

George and April (Channel 4)
George and April (Channel 4)

After April, 32, and George, 40, got married, they reached an early problem with their relationship as April told father-of-four George that she wasn’t sure she wanted children.

Upon learning of his family, she said she would give George a chance. However, George later revealed that he’d learnt April had kissed a girl in a hot tub as a dare while on their honeymoon.

Former Miss Great Britain April then broke down in tears after being accused of “cheating”.

The wedding dress designer said she wanted a partner who allowed her to be independent.

George, who has been divorced, said he was looking for someone to keep him on his toes.

Jess and Pjay

Pjay and Jess (Channel 4)
Pjay and Jess (Channel 4)

While Jess, 31, and Pjay initially appeared to have a good start to their relationship on their wedding day, Jess was left unimpressed by Pjay’s job as a stripper with the Dreamboys. However, Pjay vowed he would quit his job if it made her happy.

On their honeymoon, she admitted that she felt things were more friendly than romantic and rejected his offer of a massage.

However, the pair got closer when Jess broke down in tears as she opened up about an ex-partner cheating on her with a member of her family.

“You’re a good person, everyday we’ve had here, everyday gets better, you’re wonderful,” Pjay told her.

Pjay had previously admitted that his partners had previously struggled to trust him due to his job.

Jess, who hails from Cambridgeshire, is a dental hygienist and has said that humour is the most important thing to her in a relationship.

Lara and Richie

Lara and Richie (Channel 4)
Lara and Richie (Channel 4)

Lara, 49, and Richie, 52, got off to a not-great start on their wedding day after Richie admitted that he’d never had a serious relationship and still lived with his parents.

When Lara told him that she’d been married twice and had two sons, Richie said that this wasn’t “an easy thing to hear”.

Canadian waitress Lara has said that she wants a love like her parents, who have been married for 51 years. She has been single for 12 years.

Richie previously worked in the music business as a songwriter before working as a sales advisor.

Kasia and Kwame

Kwame and Kasia (Channel 4)
Kwame and Kasia (Channel 4)

Kasia, 36, and Kwame, 42, were coupled up by the show’s experts and married at a stately home.

Things got off to a bad start after Kwame was accused of fatphobia as he commented that he usually goes for a “more petite” woman than Kasia.

Kwame then struggled to connect with his new in-laws and told Kasia that he wouldn’t have sex with her on their wedding night.

Much to Kasia’s annoyance, he then joked that she should sleep on the sofa bed.

Kasia left school at 16 to have her first child (both her children are now adults) and she owns a body contouring clinic.

Business consultant and former Mr Ghana Kwame has been married and had kids before, but is now divorced and looking for love.

Zoe and Jenna

Jenna and Zoe (Channel 4)
Jenna and Zoe (Channel 4)

The final couple to tie the knot were Zoe, 30, and Jenna, 32.

The pair, who make up the first same-sex partnership on the show, met when Jenna walked down the aisle and initially appeared to be attracted to each other.

However, they hit a stumbling block on their honeymoon in Iceland after arguing over Jenna, who runs a zero-waste shop, and her veganism.

Speaking before the series, Blackpool-based Jenna said that she hoped she’d find her happily ever after on the show.

Self-proclaimed “serial dater” Zoe, meanwhile, said that she wanted to find someone to start a family and share her softer side with.