Married at First Sight UK falls off air as Channel 4 and E4 problems continue

Photo credit: Simon Johns - Channel 4
Photo credit: Simon Johns - Channel 4

Channel 4 experienced more technical issues tonight (September 29), leaving some viewers unable to watch the finale of Married at First Sight on E4.

Some fans who tried to watch live via All 4 were met with a purple screen and a message reading: "E4 off air."

Photo credit: Simon Johns - Channel 4
Photo credit: Simon Johns - Channel 4

Earlier in the night, Channel 4 tweeted: "We're sorry for the ongoing problems for some viewers, especially with accessible versions of our shows. We're working hard to resolve it and will hopefully have further updates tomorrow."

In a statement to Digital Spy, the broadcaster added: "Following the incident at the weekend, C4 and All 4 are still experiencing some problems and we're working hard to fix it."

On Twitter, viewers complained about not being able to see the Married at First Sight UK finale which was set to show the final vow renewals of the couples.

On Saturday (September 25), Channel 4 and All 4 went off air due to a "technical problem" and the issues have persisted over the past few days.

During Monday's edition of First Dates, people were left frustrated when the sound became inaudible.

At the time, Channel 4 told viewers: "We suggest that you watch your favourite programmes on television until further notice."

Then, during last night's edition of the Great British Bake Off, fans experienced more audio issues.

Photo credit: Mark Bourdillon - Channel 4
Photo credit: Mark Bourdillon - Channel 4

While no explanation has been given for the problems, there have been reports of evacuations at a TV operations centre after a fire broke out. It is thought that "fire suppressant" measures affected equipment.

Red Bee Media, a media management and access services provider, said in a statement: "We confirm that all staff at our Broadcast Centre in West London were safely evacuated following activation of the fire suppression systems.

"As a result of this incident and the automatic safety measures set in motion at the time, several services originating from the Broadcast Centre have been disrupted.

"London Fire Brigade attended the scene, and once they had determined that the building is safe, people were allowed to return to the building.

"We are continuing to work to restore all services and remedy any issues caused by this incident."

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