Is Married at First Sight UK on TV tonight?

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Married at First Sight UK returned to our screens for its seventh season on 29 August, with a brand new group of 17 singletons looking for love.

Based on the Danish series of the same name, the reality TV series matches couples based on scientific and sociological factors, with participants meeting their future spouses for the first time on their wedding day.

At this point, the couples have now been through their wedding days and honeymoons and are settling into married life.

When the show reaches its conclusion, the married couples must choose whether they will stay together or go separate ways.

And for the first time ever, this season features a lesbian couple. You can find out about all of the 2022 couples here.

Below is everything we know about the new season...

When does the series air?

‘Married at First Sight’ (Channel 4)
‘Married at First Sight’ (Channel 4)

Married at First Sight debuted its newest season on Monday 29 August.

New episodes air Monday through Thursday each week at 9pm on E4.

How many episodes will season seven include?

The series is expected to air its 30th and final episode sometime in mid-October.