Married at First Sight UK's new season verdict

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Photo credit: Matt Monfredi Ltd - Channel 4
Photo credit: Matt Monfredi Ltd - Channel 4

Married at First Sight UK launched the 2022 series tonight with a brand new twist — two same-sex couples will be part of this show.

The show follows dating experts Mel Schilling and Charlene Douglas as they pair up strangers based on their personalities. The couples then get married on the very first day they meet and, hopefully, find true love.

Early on, Jenna revealed to the other women that she will be marrying a woman rather than a man, much to the shock and delight of the other contestants.

Photo credit: Matt Monfredi Ltd - Channel 4
Photo credit: Matt Monfredi Ltd - Channel 4

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Jenna and Whitney shared a bonding moment early on in the show when they both revealed that they won't be having someone walk them down the aisle to give them away. Sadly, Jenna's father and Whitney's mother, respectively, passed away. The two shared a hug and a tear and seemed to make a quick bond with one another.

Meanwhile, Zoe joined the group of men and revealed that she will be looking for a wife, too, with the men hoping that she could help them out with some "girl advice".

Photo credit: Matt Monfredi Ltd - Channel 4
Photo credit: Matt Monfredi Ltd - Channel 4

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Viewers responded positively to the inclusivity on show, with many immediately taking to "down to Earth" Zoe.

However, the confrontational chat between Thomas and Jenna, regarding the tradition of being given away at a wedding, sparked debate in the room and with viewers. Jenna wanted to reject the heteronormative tradition, while Thomas liked the sweet sentiment of it.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of Thomas with the women got viewers guessing who was going to be his match on the men's side. Viewers wondered which of the men are gay, or if Thomas' match has even arrived yet.

However, some viewers feel that Married at First Sight UK could still be more diverse, with one Twitter user writing: "Would be nice to see some disability representation on shows like MAFS."

Still, the show has taken steps toward becoming more diverse than usual. Earlier in the year, Schilling praised the show's representation, telling Digital Spy: "We. Are. Representing. We have a gay couple and a lesbian couple this year, and that's never been done before in the history of MAFS."

The show is usually dominated by heterosexual couples but an increase in queer representation has finally happened with this series, which follows the same-sex marriage between Daniel Mckee and Matt Jameson in the last season.

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