Mars Helicopter Captures Images of Debris From Perseverance Landing

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter captured aerial images of debris from the Perseverance rover’s, which landed on Mars last year.

Ingenuity snapped the images with its color camera on April 19, according to NASA. It shows a large parachute coated in Martian dust and the smashed backshell.

During the landing of Perseverance in February 18, 2021, the parachute and backshell were jettisoned at about 1.3 miles altitude. The parachute and backshell continued to descend and impacted the ground at approximately 78 mph, NASA said.

According to NASA, engineers requested images be taken from an aerial perspective of the components because they may provide insight into the components’ performance during the rover’s entry, descent, and landing. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech via Storyful

Video transcript


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