Marseille begins clean-up after floods

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The clean-up has begun in the French city of Marseille after torrential rain and floods hit the area on Sunday and Monday.

In just one night, 160 to 180 millimetres of rain fell, "the equivalent of several months" according to Météo-France.

The sea overflowed from the Vieux Port, before receding.

"When I got up, I wanted to ride my bike and in fact, there was 70 cm of water, here it was a river," a resident said.

The floods came just days after local waste collectors ended a week-long strike, leading to fears of "catastrophic" waste making its way to the ocean, as garbage continues to pile up in the streets, scattered by the rains.

"There is all the garbage piled up and left with the torrent of water this morning and it blocked the pipes, the sewers," another resident added.

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