Martha Stewart on Living with Her 'Very Friendly' Pet Peacocks: 'They Talk to Me' (Exclusive)

"Whenever I go by their enclosure, I talk to them," the lifestyle guru tells PEOPLE exclusively

Martha Stewart is one with the birds!

While chatting exclusively with PEOPLE about her partnership with Dunkin' to highlight the etiquette behind when and how to shake your iced coffee, the lifestyle guru, 82, also opens up about her pet peacocks and the relationship she shares with them.

"They're very friendly birds — and they talk to me," she says. "Whenever I go by their enclosure, I talk to them. I go, 'Awk, awk.' I make their noise, and they talk right back to me. Everybody laughs when they see that because I'm the only one they respond to."

Stewart also notes that her beloved birds are each unique in their own ways as well. "Every single peacock is different. Some are shyer than others. Some are much bolder," she details.

"Some are much more prone to ruffling their feathers, fanning their tails," Stewart adds. "I have a mixture of males and females. And I breed them. They're all bred in my incubator."

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Last summer, Stewart sadly lost a few of her pet peacocks after coyotes attacked them "in broad daylight."

The Martha Stewart Living mogul announced the death of six of her feathered friends with a throwback video on Instagram at the time.

"RIP beautiful BlueBoy. The coyotes came in broad daylight and devoured him and five others including the magnificent White Boy," Stewart wrote in the caption, highlighting one of the birds. "Any solutions for getting rid of six large and aggressive coyotes who have expensive tastes when it comes to poultry??"

She added that she was no longer letting the other peacocks out of their yard, and she was building a wire fencing enclosure for them.



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Stewart's peacocks are stars of their own and are even featured in a social media video she filmed for Dunkin' to promote iced coffee etiquette.

At one point in the clip, Stewart is seen in the peacock enclosure on her property explaining that "shaking your iced coffee loud and proud is perfectly acceptable" when you're in a "lively social gathering,"

In a next scene, the proud pet mom is seen sitting beside her cat, as she details that "a more intimate setting may call for more discreet shaking."

When asked if all her pets — which also include geese and turkey — get along, Stewart tells PEOPLE, "Oh, yeah!"

"[They all] go very nicely on the farm," she adds with a laugh.

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