The Martian experience in Wadi Rum, Jordon

Forget the ‘Full Monty’

In the sand dunes of Wadi Rum in Jordon holidaymakers get the full Martian experience.

The themed park houses guests in domed dwellings that appear the 2015 film ‘The Martian’ starring Matt Damon.

Me in the vast desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan.— Simon Tatum (@SimonTatum) April 21, 2017

“It’s very nice, you can do many activities, it’s like in the movie ‘Martian’ and it’s hot but nice,” says visitor Elay.

Movie review: The Martian, starring Matt Damon. Excitement, science & a lot of heart. 5 stars …— Kasper Beaumont (@KasperBeaumont) May 2, 2017

American tourist Sandy is visiting with her daughter Losy and says it has been an amazing adventure.

“We drove around, we saw all kinds of crazy dunes, lots of colours, so I would say adventure would be describing our experience.”

The price for the Martian experience starts around 160 euros per-person per-night in September.

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