Martin Clunes does TV interview in his pyjamas

Martin Clunes conducted a live video interview in his pyjamas.

The Doc Martin star appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain via video link from his home in Dorset to discuss charity intiative the Great Guide Dogs Virtual Tea Party. He appeared sitting on his sofa wearing striped pyjamas and surrounded by his pet dogs.

Clunes, 58, said of his attire: “Well you know, I've got no outfitters or the make-up I so desperately need so - this is how you find me.”

Martin Clunes in pyjamas on 'Good Morning Britain'. (ITV)
Martin Clunes in pyjamas on 'Good Morning Britain'. (ITV)

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Saying goodbye to hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid he joked: “I won't stand up!”

Despite conducting multiple interviews with stars and experts from their homes during the government lockdown over the past few weeks, Reid and Morgan admitted Clunes’ was the first interview they had done with somebody wearing pyjamas.

Clunes also revealed his wife, producer Philippa Braithwaite, was feeling much better after displaying coronavirus symptoms.

Martin Clunes' wife Phillipa displayed symptoms of coronavirus. (PA)
Martin Clunes' wife Phillipa displayed symptoms of coronavirus. (PA)

The Men Behaving Badly star said: “She is much better thank you very much. Me and my daughter are fine… the symptoms diminished and she is back fighting fit, thank God. But it was scary.”

He revealed that all the workers had had to leave his farm while he and his family self-isolated. The couple married in 1997 and have a daughter Emily, born in 1998.

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During the interview Clunes was joined by several of his pet dogs who caused some distraction until he produced a jar of dog biscuits to calm them down.

The Great Guide Dogs Virtual Tea Party takes place at 3pm on Tuesday April 21st on Facebook in aid of The Guide Dogs Association for the Blind.