Martin Lewis breaks silence on 'when HMRC Child Benefit delay will be resolved'

Martin Lewis has issued a warning over when today's HMRC Child Benefit will be "resolved" following chaos. Around half a million people have been affected by an issue which meant that some child benefit payments did not arrive as scheduled.

BBC Sounds and ITV regular Mr Lewis typed: "Its now been confirmed 500,000 are affected. No wonder I'm hearing of people having bounced payments, being unable to charge prepayment meters. And still no update from @HMRCgovuk on when it'll be resolved."

"I'm wondering if other systems like the Tax Credits payments due are actually going to work tomorrow," a Twitter/X user said. "Missus affected. Told payments were ‘stuck’ and told it could take over 3 months and it’s already been 5," said a second.

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"Absolute disgrace. HMRC should be reimbursing any penalty charges to those affected," a third wrote. A fourth said: "This is very bad, whilst it may not be their fault directly or indirectly it sums up the current government. One last kick in the teeth of those on the very edge before they (the government) go into oblivion."

Another said: "Many people will have been impacted by this delay in payment of child benefit. Read Martin Lewis's tweets below: if you have ended up out of pocked (eg a payment bounced or overdraft fees etc) save evidence as redress is possible."

A second said: "I see, separately from the General Election the so-called "Rolls-Royce Civil Service" has managed to cause wanton suffering and misery again due to systemic incompetence." Another wrote: "Half a million parents left with no child benefit support payments in latest UK Government balls up."

"The parting gift from the Conservatives. Leaving families, and a bloody lot of them, awaiting their child benefit, penniless," another raged. "Civil servants again, they are all “working”from home explains it," another said on Twitter/X.