Martin Lewis forced to issue 'clarification' after 'many fans' miss point

Martin Lewis has issued a "clarification" after "many missed" the point of his General Election update. The BBC Sounds star is set to grill a number of leading parties including the Conservative Party and the Labour Party before the General Election on July 4.

BBC Sounds star tweeted: "I'm delighted to tell you all 7 main parties how now confirmed they will take part in the MoneySavingExpert leaders debate. Where we put key consumer finance questions to them all (in writing) and they tell us their policy. I've just finalised the 15 questions with the team - thanks for all the suggestions."

Mr Lewis later sent a clarification, saying: "To clarify again as many missing. This is a done "in writing" not in video. We want to nail down exactly what they will or won't do." In reply, a fan said: "They will waffle in writing too and won't answer the questions. In writing just gives them more time to think about how to not answer the question and blame the other party for being rubbish."

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Another sniped: "They'll just change it once their elected, They can't be trusted." Another asked: "So adding the Count Binface Party wouldn't be difficult?" Another said: "I'm sure you said you would unplug." Another asked: "So the questions and answers will be in text?"

"Hold them all to account martin as nobody else will," another commented. Another said: "Won’t nail down anything as they will all be lying. A policy is not a promise.." Lipspeaker UK said: "Thousands of deaf BSL users are being excluded from the debates. captions are accessible for deaf people whose first language is English, but it doesn’t provide access to those those who use BSL - it’s a different language.

"Please ensure there is an interpreter present for this." Another asked: "Please please can you ask something like the below? We have record debt to GDP and unsustainable interest on the debt. We consistently spend more than we take in taxes. Our choices are to raise taxes massively, cut spending drastically, or inflate away the debt. Which is it?"