Martin Lewis issues HMRC child benefit update after half a million parents not paid

HMRC issue update on delayed Child Benefit payment
-Credit: (Image: Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

An update has been issued after half a million parents did not receive their Child Benefit payment due to a "processing error".

Yesterday, 500,000 parents across the UK did not receive their benefit payment with HMRC confirming that the issue was later resolved in the evening. It also apologised for the glitch and said it was working to "put measures in place to prevent this from happening again".

A positive update has now been issued as an exact date of payment has been confirmed - Martin Lewis took to social media on Tuesday June 4 to share the news with parents.

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Those affected will now be paid on Wednesday, June 5, two days after delays. The payment will have the reference of "HMRC Child Benefit".

Around 6.9million households in the UK claim Child Benefits, which are usually paid every four weeks on a Monday or Tuesday. Currently, Child Benefit is worth £25.60 a week for an eldest or only child and £16.95 a week for any other children.

Money saving expert Martin Lewis aims to spread the word as he shares the update on social media. He wrote: "Important. Pls spread word.

"To the 500,000 people whose child benefit wasn't paid yesterday…

1. It’s now due tomorrow (Wed)
2. If you had a direct financial cost (e.g. bounced payment charge) due to it. This is the correct form to complain on & hopefully get recompense...

"PS do screengrab/photo the charge, as evidence."

He is encouraging those who wish to complain to do so here.

The delay left parents reeling on social media, one posted on X: "So many people rely upon child benefit to pay for necessities, yet payments haven't been made to millions of people."

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Another added: "What an absolute disgrace.

"You have had since Friday to solve this child benefit payment issue, but everyone kept getting the same generic message to wait till today. Millions of kids off school and not fed today due to your incompetence."

Payments will now be issued on Wednesday, June 5.

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