Martin Lewis issues June 19 'deadline' warning to everybody over age 18

Martin Lewis has issued a June 19 deadline to everybody over the age of 18 in the UK. The BBC Sounds podcast host has issued a General Election warning ahead of the July 4 election, which will see Brits head to the polls nationwide.

ITV star Mr Lewis warned: "General Election Voting Info. Pls share. 1. Register to vote. If you're not registered, you must do it by 18 June for the General Election.… 2. Voting in person? You need valid photo ID.

"Check if yours is valid… 3. Apply for postal vote by 19 June. If you'll be away, or want a postal vote do it here..."

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"Just registered yesterday after moving house! Can't be missing my chance to vote!," replied a fan. "Postal votes will be sent out just over 2 wks before the election. If you are likely to be on holiday for longer and won't receive your postal vote, you can nominate a proxy. But they are not necessarily obligated to vote how you would - pick wisely!" another wrote.

"Women using their married name on the electoral register and their single name on photo ID can vote - polling station officers can verify their photo and address matching the register. Don’t miss out because you assume you can’t vote!" another said.

"You can bypass voter ID if you have a postal vote and take it into the polling station in person, instead of posting," another wrote. "....and don't forget that you do not have to show your id or voting slip to anyone outside the polling station. Don't let the party pickets deter you from voting," another said.

"Can we go to any polling station or just the one nearest home address, as specified on polling card, as that's not practical on a work day?" another asked.