Martin Lewis rule helps couple claim free £600 from their energy provider

A couple secured a £600 payout from their energy provider by following a 'next level' tip from Martin Lewis. Amelia thanked the founder for his 'detailed explanations', which allowed her to claim back credit.

Monthly payments for those who pay energy bills by direct debit are worked out by dividing the annual costs - which are based on average use - by 12. Martin's team said this smooths out your bills, essentially building up credit in summer to use in winter - however, if usage is lower than expected, there could be a significant build-up of energy credit.

The MSE team say if there is 'too much' credit, it could be worth asking for some of it back. Martin has previously said more than a months' worth of credit qualified as 'too much'.

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Amelia's success story was highlighted in a recent newsletter, reports the Mirror. She said: "Thanks for your detailed explanations on gas and electricity and what time of year it makes sense to be in credit and debit.

"My partner and I were able to secure a £600 repayment. Of course, our supplier at first suggested leaving the money in our account and only after I explained to them why it didn't make sense did they say 'OK'. We had the money in our account within days. I've always thought I'm money-savvy, but your tips are next level."