Martin Lewis says HMRC is paying £50 compensation following Child Benefit delay

Martin Lewis has announced HMRC is paying compensation for the Child Benefit delay earlier this month. The BBC and ITV star has spoken out after Child Benefit claimants began to receive correspondence from HMRC, the government tax department.

Debt Camel tweeted: "First example I've seen of Child Benefit delay compensation from HMRC: - £50 to acknowledge the error and inconvenience - asking for evidence of any extra costs incurred to be reimbursed." Mr Lewis said: "Interesting, not many coming in to me yet either. I'll RT to see if there are others."

"I think the errors are so frequent, so unnecessary and largely due to massive understaffing so they have little choice," another said. Debt Camel explained: "I didn't appeal, I was sent this by someone that did. The MSE page explains what you have to do…

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"Also if your credit record has been damaged because the delay caused you to make a late payment, the lender should consider removing the negative mark.." 30% of people who should have been paid on Monday 3 June didn't get their payment.

Martin initially estimated that "huge numbers of people" were likely to be impacted and HMRC has since confirmed the issue has hit 577,000 people who receive Child Benefit either weekly or monthly.

According to HMRC's latest figures from August 2023, there were 6.91 million families in receipt of Child Benefit payments. At the time, HMRC said it was "urgently" working on it after a "processing error". An HMRC spokesperson said at the time: "We are very sorry that some customers did not receive their scheduled Child Benefit payments as expected and we understand the concern and difficulty this may have caused."

It added: "We have now fixed the problem and are putting measures in place to prevent this from happening again."