Martin Lewis says state pensioners can get £6,100 before Triple Lock Plus boost

Martin Lewis says state pensioners could get a £6,100 boost - BEFORE the Triple Lock Plus scheme rolls out. Conservative Party MP and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has confirmed a Triple Lock Plus scheme will be coming if the Tories defeat Labour at the polls next month.

Ahead of that date, Mr Lewis, the BBC Sounds and ITV star, says time is running out to potentially boost your state pension by thousands of pounds. Mr Lewis wrote: “Important. Are you under age 73? You may be able to pay £800, or far less, to gain £5,400 or more, but the clock's ticking!

"It's all about extra National Insurance (NI) years. And finally, many can now do it online.” People to check their National Insurance record for gaps that need filling before April next year. This is crucial as most people need 35 years in order to claim the full new state pension.

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You can fill in National Insurance gaps going back as far as 2006, but from April 2025, you'll only be able to make voluntary contributions for the last six tax years. Martin points out that buying a full year’s class 3 National Insurance contribution, which costs a maximum of £824, could boost your pre-tax state pension by £329 annually.

If you were a man who lived to the average life expectancy, you could gain around £5,400. However, if you were a woman, you could gain around £6,100 as women on average live longer, Mr Lewis has also revealed, as he broke down the numbers.

He explained: “The younger you are, the more time you have to earn enough qualifying years before you reach state pension age.” The Triple Lock Plus change could be worth even more as the Tories try to push through a tax freeze on payments - shielding pensioners.