Martin Lewis urges millions to take action in next 12 hours and says 'please'

Martin Lewis has issued a 12-hour warning to fans as he begged for them to get in touch with their questions ahead of him presenting ITV Good Morning Britain tomorrow. The BBC Sounds podcast presenter will be back on ITV GMB alongside Susanna Reid.

"I'm back presenting @GMB alongside @susannareid100 tomorrow. While the main focus is obviously election/leaders debate, we'll also be talking bank switching and your general MoneySaving questions, so if you have any to suggest for the show, pls ask them by reply...," Mr Lewis said.

"Will you be focussing on ALL the leaders rather than just the duopoly?" replied a Twitter user. A second said: "I will set it to record." A third said: "I got an email yesterday from Chase Bank saying they are going to stop paying their "generous" 1% interest on their current accounts from the 5th August."

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"For lower income people what's the best thing to do to save for their retirement," another wrote. "I'll be looking forward to the bank switching segments," another commented. Another said: "Martin please can you look into these One4all gift cards several people telling me they are taking our money but when we try to use the card it’s not working my card I purchased a few months ago isn’t working when I try to use also my neice"

"Why are ITV squatting in BBC television centre studios after flogging off their London studios and making so many redundant?" another posted. "If I change banks, does it effect my credit rating?" another commented in reply.

"In 2011 National Debt was £1 trillion By March 2024 it was £2.7 trillion My question is where has all the money gone because its certainly not been given to the NHS police fire brigade ambulances or social services," another social media user posted.

"1) Is it worth me paying off my student loan? 2) Have you ever had the urge to reach over and give Susannas huge melons a honk?" another said.