Martin Lewis urges public to act to avoid overpaying on bills - details

Martin Lewis has urged the public to take action to avoid overpaying on energy bills as the prices go up in October – here's everything you need to know.

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In the presenter's newsletter, he advised: "Meter reading day's coming - don't panic, not everyone must do it, and it needn't be on the day.

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"With prices rising for most on October 1, unless you've a working smart or prepayment meter, it's useful to feed in an updated meter reading around that date to avoid discrepancies over what you used before or after prices rose."

Martin's website explains more: " If, like 85% of households, you're on a standard variable tariff, prices are set to rise by 27% on average, though you will get £400 back from your provider under the Government's energy bill support scheme. Or, if you're on a fixed tariff, your rate will likely be dropping.


Martin has been helping the public with his top tips

"In either of these cases, to make sure there's no discrepancies, it's a good idea to give a meter reading to your supplier on or around meter reading day on Friday 30 September. This stops your supplier from estimating your usage, and potentially assuming you've used more at the higher rate than you actually have."

Throughout September, Martin has been hosting 'Martin's Money Mondays' on Good Morning Britain to help the nation with the spiralling cost of living.

In a recent exclusive survey run by GMB, the ITV show revealed that over a third (34%) of people have already fallen into debt because of the current energy bills situation.

Also, a third of those polled (30%) said their mental health had worsened due to the current state of affairs.

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