Martin Lewis warns anybody who is 'self employed or married'

Martin Lewis has issued a warning to people who are "self employed" or "married" over "how tax works". The BBC Sounds podcast host and ITV regular has spoken out on Twitter, now X, over the tax year and who's impacted by self assessment deadlines.

"If you do a self assessment tax return, or have crypto, or are married, or have savings but not too much income, then amongst others this is worth a listen for you...," Martin said. He added: "NEW! The 'Not The Martin Lewis Podcast' on HOW TAX WORKS including Who needs do a tax return.

"Crypto tax. How tax codes work. Tax Breaks. Hidden savings allowance. Capital gains & more. Do listen..." In reply a follower said: "have savings in an account where I requested the interest is paid at the end of the year (August), rather than monthly. It's possible that I will be over the £1k allowance threshold.

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"Would I have been better off requesting interest monthly, so it was spread over two tax years?" A second wrote: "Martin, I have a question regarding self assessment. Where best to post it please?" Another fumed: "Take what you can hide what you can tax is for poor people with no means to hide it.

" The rich don't pay their fair share so wtf shall we. We need to come out of this mind set that paying more tax is helping normal people in some dream land way. MPs swindled billions!" Another said: "I have known far too many wealthy people who don't pay a single penny in tax or VAT on their businesses!

"We shouldn't be paying tax on our ridiculously low wages if we pay tax on everything else." The X user went on and said: "This system isn't working no more time for a REVOLUTION!!!"