Martin Lewis warns eight million people 'you'll have to pay' after tax blow

Martin Lewis has cleared up speculation over whether the State Pension is taxed after the first ITV General Election debate. BBC Sounds podcast host Mr Lewis took to Twitter to clear it up after being "asked a lot" following Sir Keir Starmer nad Rishi Sunak's appearance.

Mr Lewis said: "Do you pay tax on the state pension? I've been asked this a lot after last night's @ITVdebate so - The state pension is, and has always been taxable income. The full state pension is currently £11,500/yr. The standard personal allowance (the amount you can earn before you pay income tax) is £12,570/yr.

"So if you ONLY get state pension income and nowt else, you won't be taxed currently. At the last available DWP data of 12.7m people of state pension age in the UK, 8.1m will likely pay income tax as other income took them above the personal allowance.

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"So roughly two thirds of state pensions do already pay tax." In response, a social media user said: "Don’t worry that cnt Sunak has your back for one of the worse state pensions in Europe along with the highest retirement age in the world."

"I’m a pensioner and very happy to pay my share of tax. The prime minister lied about this (and many other things) last night. He’s a disgrace to his office," a second said. A third said: "If the Conservatives hadn't frozen the personal allowance dragging many low earners into tax including state pensions as it rises. Stealth tax... Totally the Tories doing."

A fourth chipped in to say: "I've been politely banging on that most of we freedom folk pay tax. Delighted to hear you on @TherealNihal show saying two thirds of us do. I pay tax on my modest income above state pension. I'm happy to pay my taxes. Wish many others had the same luxury, rather than being poor."

"Ironic that Sunak’s own policy of freezing allowances has caused this. He creates the problem and then has the gall to claim that he’s solving it," another commented.