Marvel’s Iron Fist will probably feature the Steel Serpent (EXCLUSIVE)

Iron Fist’s classic nemesis may be in the new TV show.

During a press roundtable at the JW Marriott in New York, Iron Fist stars Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick alluded to the appearance of a very familiar villain by the end of the series.

“There are two characters who come into the second half of Iron Fist season one who haven’t been announced yet,” said Jessica Henwick.

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“It’s so frustrating not being able to announce them,” added Jones.

“It’s so frustrating because they knock it out of the park,” confirmed Henwick. “But there’s one in particular who fans are… it’s a comic book character who’s not been seen before and at the end of Iron Fist they set him up in a really interesting way… I think for me, that’s the most interesting relationship on the show.”

But who are they talking about?

I took the opportunity to ask them directly – is this Steel Serpent?

“Maybe that’s what we were just errr… My publicist is looking at me with devil eyes,” laughed Finn Jones. “Hey look, that’s going to be announced very soon so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s announced before these [interviews] even come to print.”

Danny Rand's nemesis, Steel Serpent - Credit: Marvel
Danny Rand’s nemesis, Steel Serpent – Credit: Marvel

“I think you guys will be able to figure out who we’re talking about,” said Henwick.

Of course, Steel Serpent will be well-known to comic book fans.

The son of Lei-Kung the Thunderer, Davos (eventually known as Steel Serpent) trained to become an Iron Fist under his father… but he failed to defeat the immortal dragon Shou-Lao the Undying and thus never gained the power of the Iron Fist. He eventually comes to resent Danny, and spends much of his comic book appearances trying to steal Danny’s power.

Of course, the upcoming Netflix show has sort-of introduced the Steel Serpent, already. A wingless-dragon logo can be seen used on Madame Gao’s drug packets… and her particular brand of heroine is referred to as ‘Steel Serpent’.

The emblem of the Steel Serpent - Credit: Netflix
The emblem of the Steel Serpent – Credit: Netflix

But now the man himself is probably going to appear.

Have we seen Steel Serpent already?

I’ve already got some ideas on who it might be… with one particularly mysterious character fitting the bill rather nicely.

But for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Marvel’s Iron Fist heads to Netflix on 17 March 2017.

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