Marvel's Paul Rudd reveals "the weirdest thing" he's ever had to film

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Note: This article contains spoilers for Paul Rudd's new Netflix series Living With Yourself.

Paul Rudd has opened up about the the horrifying start to his new Netflix series Living With Yourself, describing it as the "weirdest thing" he's ever had to film.

Photo credit: Netflix

The opening of the series sees the Ant-Man actor emerge from a grave with his head wrapped in clingfilm – and unlike the majority of stuff he does in his Marvel movies, it turns out he actually did this one for real.

That's right, he was actually buried alive.

Photo credit: Netflix

Speaking to, he said: "That was awful. You know what it was? The shooting schedule was we thought that was when it was going to be the warmest, and it just so happens that there was a cold spell that week, and it was awful.

"It was the weirdest thing that I’ve ever had to film, and it was kind of unexpected," he said. "I’m not so claustrophobic really, but something within us knows that’s not the right thing to be doing. To be buried alive."

Photo credit: Netflix

Explaining how they filmed the horrifying scene, he said: "I was in an open grave, and there was a tube that went underground and had this thing that I had to put in my mouth so I can breathe.

"I wasn’t buried too much because I had to get out but it was substantial. So I would get in, they would start putting dirt over me and I’m like, 'Oh. I don’t like this!' because we would all wait until the last minute and then they would put it over my head.

Photo credit: Netflix

He continued: "They would start rolling before they did it so I didn’t have to wait, but they did it several times.

"So my head’s on the side, I’m breathing through a tube, I can’t see a thing, I feel a weight of all the dirt and I have to wait until action and they tap the tube in case I can’t hear it. It was not fun."

Leonardo DiCaprio would have won an Oscar for that.

Living With Yourself is available to stream on Netflix now.

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