Mary Berry faces fresh backlash after she admits to never ordering takeaway pizza

Patrick Grafton-Green
Mary Berry on her new BBC cooking show Mary Berry Everyday: BBC/Sidney Street

Mary Berry faced backlash again this week after she admitted she has never ordered a takeaway pizza, much to the shock of viewers.

The 81-year-old sparked fresh controversy after she made the admission during Monday night’s Mary Berry Everyday, which returned on BBC2.

It comes after viewers were left “appalled” when she put white wine and cream in her spaghetti bolognese last week.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Shook by mary berry saying she's never had a takeaway pizza.”

Another added: “Mary Berry has just been knocked off the pedestal I had her on. She hasn't ever had a takeaway pizza!!!!”

One Twitter user said: “Wait. Mary Berry’s never had a pizza delivered to her before?!”

While another wrote: “I can't believe Mary Berry has never hammered a dominos pizza after a night on the piss.”

Meanwhile viewers also expressed suprise when Berry said she likes to add garlic to her dough mix.

One said: "Garlic in the dough!? Mary is going off piste yet again."

Another viewer added: Mary Berry has put garlic in pizza dough!!! Send help!!!"

It comes after the former Great British Bake Off host shocked viewers in last week’s instalment when she used white wine, thyme, cream and an oven to create her version of bolognese.