Masked bike gang break into plush Edinburgh flat and steal safes with cash and jewellery

A terrifying balaclava-clad bike gang has been filmed breaking into a plush flat in Edinburgh before stealing several safes containing cash and jewellery.

In a video, the masked thugs can be seen wielding two deposit boxes and a briefcase after raiding the property on Learmonth Terrace near the city's Dean Village. The horrifying incident, which was filmed by a dog walker who happened to be passing by, took place at around 11.45am on Monday, June 24.

Footage shows two bikes parked on the landing of the common close before three of the thugs make their way downstairs clutching the stolen goods and a crowbar. In the footage, the courageous dog walker can be heard telling them: "Drop it, drop it, I would drop it."

The woman is instead ignored by the gang as they go on to mount their bikes and flee the scene. One of the riders can be seen stopping in his tracks to pick up one of the sizable safes after it falls from his bike and onto the road.

Other images show the front door to the building bludgeoned by the crowbar.

Bikes were parked up downstairs as the gang ransacked an upstairs flat
Bikes were parked up downstairs as the gang ransacked an upstairs flat -Credit:UGC

Sharing the footage in an appeal on social media, Rebecca Brass wrote: "They used crowbars to break into two doors. One being a very heavy main door!

"They must have been watching as the owner had only just left before it happened. Does anyone recognise them? The three of them made off with both safes on electric bikes with no number plates after causing a world of distraction inside.

"Footage was filmed by a very brave dog walker. Please be careful and vigilant, they seem to be getting braver and braver and they have been watching most likely for days which is a terrifying thought."

One of the safes is understood to have had a large quantity of jewellery inside.

The thief mounting the bike
The thief mounting the bike -Credit:UGC

The local continued: "One [safe] was empty but very heavy, they dropped it down the stairs a few times and cracked the flooring. The other had jewellery inside that was more sentimental than valuable.

"Absolutely awful."

Other residents told of their horror after recognising the thieves in the video.

Police are investigating the break-in
Police are investigating the break-in -Credit:UGC

One local said: "I called 999 on Saturday night as these guys drove past me on Randolph Crescent as I was walking along towards Dean Bridge. They had stopped at the end of Randolph Crescent and threatened to steal my bag then drove off.

"I called the police, more as a warning as they were circling the area, looking for trouble. The police called me back, later that night, to say they'd had numerous calls from West End and Haymarket about them."

Another said: "I saw them last Tuesday cruising along Learmonth Terrace checking out all the basements - pure scum."

The gang making off with the valuable goods
The gang making off with the valuable goods -Credit:UGC

Another added: "I saw two guys on bikes like this at the gates of a house on Grange Loan on Wednesday about lunchtime. They were dressed the same with balaclavas and hats.

"I called 101 as if just didn’t look right and was worried if someone was home and they got in those gates."

Officers confirmed they are investigating the incident. Detectives have urged anybody with any information about the gang to come forward.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 11.45am on Monday, 24 June, 2024, we received a report of a break-in to a property at Learmonth Terrace in Edinburgh. Enquiries are ongoing. We also are aware of a video circulating on social media.

"We would ask anyone with any information to contact Police Scotland on 101 quoting incident 1371 of Monday, 24 June, 2024.”

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