Masked man hurls bottle at police officer's head at London anti-lockdown protest

A masked man in a camouflage-pattern vest and hat struck a police officer with a bottle at the anti-lockdown protest in London on Saturday (26 June). The bottle, which appeared to be a large and made of glass, was thrown from close range at police officers moving across the road towards the entrance to Downing Street, where the UK Prime Minister lives. The officer lost his hat as he was struck, apparently to the head. The protest was against coronavirus restrictions but also including many opponents of vaccines. It drew thousands to a mostly peaceful march across central London that ended in angry scenes in front of Downing Street, where flares were lit and bottles and tennis balls were hurled at police. It is not clear if police took any action against the man who struck the officer with a bottle. The moment when the man threw the bottle is at 00:53 in the video.

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