The Masked Singer: Who is Cyclops?

Actor Jorge Garcia was booted off The Masked Singer in a double-round elimination after he was revealed to be Cyclops.

On Wednesday (23 March), the third episode of the season saw the last three standing compete in a final showdown rendition of James Brown’s “I Got You (I Feel Good)”.

However, judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, and Nicole Scherzinger, voted Firefly as the winner of the first round of contestants.

While Cyclops’ attempt at keeping up with the vocals of Firefly and Thingamabob didn’t end up winning him the competition, the judges were given a final guess before he was forced to unmask.

However, none of the updated guesses, which included Zac Brown, David Bautista, and Michael Keaton, landed correctly.

During his time on the series, the clues that were revealed about Cyclops’ identity comprised of Michelangelo’s statue of David, a compass pointing south, and a meteorite. All of which were pointers to Garcia’s roles in Lost, Hawaii Five-0, and Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Among last week’s guesses, the judges named Chris Pratt, John Lithgow, and Rob Thomas as potentials.

Cyclops The Masked Singer (Fox)
Cyclops The Masked Singer (Fox)

When speaking about his time on the show, Garcia said he hadn’t expected to get as far as he did, and that he joined the show because he was a huge fan.

Garcia joins Joe Buck in leaving the current series, after Buck was unveiled as Ram and Duff Goldman was unveiled as McTerrier in the season premiere, leaving Firefly to move on in the competition.

New episodes of The Masked Singer air Wednesdays at 8pm ET on Fox.