The Masked Singer US: Rudy Giuliani is revealed as Jack in the Box leading Ken Jeong to walk off stage

Former New York City Mayor and former lawyer Rudy Giuliani was the first star to be eliminated from the third round of contestants on The Masked Singer US after he was revealed as Jack in the Box.

The seventh episode of the season saw Jack in the Box voted off in a single round elimination after his one and only performance of “Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood & the Destroyers on Wednesday (20 April).

Giuliani’s appearance comes amid earlier rumours that he was unveiled during February’s filming.

During the episode, when he was ultimately unmasked, judge Ken Jeong stood in silence with his arms crossed and judge Robin Thicke looked visibly upset. As the credits rolled, Jeong said “I’m done,” before walking off stage.

Originally fans on Twitter had theorised the polarising politician might be disguised as Cyclops. However, the one-eyed monster was previously revealed to be actor Jorge Garcia.

Before Giuliani was asked to unmask, the judges were given the chance to revise or stick with their initial theories.

Judge Jenny McCarthy stuck with her original theory of Joe Pesci, judge Thicke continued with Robert Duvall, judge Jeong went with Elon Musk, and judge Nicole Scherzinger added her choice of Al Roker.

Nobody guessed the true identity of the man behind the mask.

Rudy Giuliani The Masked Singer (Fox and Photo by Nathan Posner/Shutterstock)
Rudy Giuliani The Masked Singer (Fox and Photo by Nathan Posner/Shutterstock)

Alongside Giuliani’s performance, the clues revealed about his identity included a judge’s gavel, a poster alluding to his incorrect booking of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping, and an Irish football referencing the movie Rudy.

Giuliani joins previously unveiled participants Jennifer Holliday as Miss Teddy, Duane Chapman as Armadillo, Penn & Teller as Hydra, Christie Brinkley as Lemur, Jordan Mailata as Thingamabob, Garcia as Cyclops, Joe Buck as Ram, and Duff Goldman as McTerrier.

The Masked Singer continues on Wednesdays at 8pm on Fox.