Maskless Couple at California Yogurt Shop Say They Will Sue After Manager Refuses to Serve Them

Two maskless people told a manager of a Mission Viejo, California, yogurt shop they were going to sue her for discrimination after the manager asked them to wear masks inside the restaurant on Saturday, October 24.

Mariana Tabla took this footage inside Frapys Yogurt showing the pair standing before the counter, claiming they were being discriminated against for being asked to wear masks inside the establishment. The man in the footage can be heard saying he had a “medical condition” and they would be filing a lawsuit.

Tabla told Storyful the couple told her she broke the law by saying the yogurt shop required masks. Tabla said, “In that moment I took my phone and started the recorder.” Tabla said prior to filming, she had offered them masks, and before she had a chance to explain the shop policy, “they just attacked” her.

On Wednesday, the patrons came back to the shop armed with “fake legal papers,” Tabla told Storyful. Photos of the documents were posted to the Frapys Yogurt Facebook page.

“The lady was rude and tried to make me sign the papers, saying the penalty was $2,000,” Tabla said. “No professional papers, they brought the papers from home and dropped them off to me. I tried to record them, and I said I would call the police, and they left.”

Luis Auza, a co-owner of Frapys Yogurt, wrote on Facebook: “To these two misguided souls that apparently continue to try their intimidation tactics on our small business (look below) merely a small message: We are not intimidated. We are not frightened. Not even close. Putting ‘legal notice’ and ‘notice to business’ and ‘it’s unlawful’ on a piece of paper doesn’t make it legally binding. Trying to force Mariana to sign anything, without her legal counsel present is wrong, especially since she is acting as part of our corporation, not simply as an individual.”

The video has gone viral on social media, racking up hundreds of thousands of views. Tabla said: “I am so impressed, I didn’t expect this escalation. At this point, it’s awesome; finally we have business again and it’s crazy this happened this way … We are a family business, we try to keep people happy and enjoy the place and we weren’t prepared for that one.” Credit: Mariana Tabla via Storyful