Mason's new romance causes further concern

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

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Justin finds Tori thinking on the beach when she gets a frantic phone call from Mason saying that Beth needs a hospital ASAP. Overhearing, Justin tells Mason to hold on and they will come and find them. Unfortunately, Beth is unable to hold on any longer. Mason panics, puts Beth in the car and begins driving her to the hospital, even though he shouldn't yet be driving. Mason starts to have flashbacks of his accident while driving and almost crashes the car, before pulling over just as Justin and Tori arrive.

Tori immediately sets to work on helping Beth, getting her settled and into an ambulance. She tells Mason to go home and rest, or he too will end up in the hospital. Later, Beth arrives at the house and tells Mason she is feeling better. She explains that what happened today has happened before and while it's scary, she is okay.

Mason tells Beth that he thinks they should slow down, but she says that he makes her happy and that's more important. Brody, Justin and Tori come home to meet Beth, where Mason introduces her as his girlfriend. As Mason walks Beth out, Tori tells the boys that she is worried about how attached Mason is to her as she is getting worse and he will get hurt.

Photo credit: Channel 5

Meanwhile, Ben finds a condom wrapper in the trash at home. Ben and Maggie instantly think it belongs to Coco, believing she is sleeping with VJ. They both corner Coco and ask about her relationship with VJ, until Ben blurts out that he knows they are having sex. Coco points out they aren't even dating.

Maggie and Ben then figure out that Ziggy is sleeping with Brody and lying to them. Ziggy goes to storm out when confronted and Ben tells her to not come back, leaving an angry and upset Maggie begging Ben to say something to fix the situation.

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