Mason and Beth's date takes a shocking turn

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

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Mason and Beth are continuing to tick things off her bucket list, with the next thing being skinny dipping. Afterwards, they enjoy a moonlit dinner. Beth challenges Mason to make his own bucket list. He says to dress up like James Bond and go to the casino – an idea which Beth loves and wants to do tomorrow evening.

When Mason gets home, he fills Tori in on how his night went and tells her about going to the casino, although Tori doesn't think it's a good idea. Tori berates Mason when she hears that Beth is missing her appointment to go on their little trip. She reminds Mason that Beth isn't getting better and he needs to be realistic about things.

Taking on Tori's advice, Mason tells Beth that he thinks they should postpone the trip as he doesn't want anything to happen to her. However, she convinces him that she is fine and they should go, on the condition that she will update him constantly on how she is feeling.

While driving, Beth begins to feel faint and passes out at the wheel, causing the car to veer off the road. Beth's breathing worsens and she tells Mason she needs to go to the hospital, leaving a scared Mason desperately calling for an ambulance as Beth deteriorates.

Photo credit: Channel 5

Meanwhile, taking Irene's advice, Ash goes over to see Tori and apologise in person, but Tori is not having a bar of it. He tells her the truth about his feelings for her, which she immediately dismisses, thinking he is just rebounding with her because Kat has moved on. Not wanting to give up, Ash yells to Tori through the windows of the house and then comes inside, trying to convince Tori that his feelings are serious. Irene also fails to convince Tori that Ash's feelings are the real deal.

Elsewhere, the police have footage of Robbo going onto the boat at the marina, being confronted by Dylan who had a gun. The police think he tried to take Robbo hostage, when he may have killed him in self-defence. The next morning, Kat's sergeant comes by to make sure she is okay and forces her to take some time off due to the stressful nature of the case.

Also today, alone in the pier apartment, Scarlett hears a noise. Fearing the worst, she grabs a knife for protection, before locking the door and realising that it's Robbo. She hides the knife behind her back and tells Robbo to leave when he asks to stay. A confused Robbo leaves not knowing what's going on.

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