Mass Demonstrations Mark Anniversary of 1973 Greek Uprising

Thousands marched through the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki on November 17 to mark the anniversary of the 1973 uprising against the country’s military junta.

According to local reports, over 10,000 people participated in a march in Thessaloniki. Around 20,000 turned out in Athens.

The demonstrations commemorated the pro-democracy uprising in 1973 led by students at Athens Polytechnic. Military and police forces shot at the protesters and an army tank rammed the gates to the polytechnic, leading to 24 deaths.

“Every November 17th, our minds go back to those young people, to the students but also to the ordinary people who fought for the restoration of democracy in the country. Freedom, democracy, prosperity: these are the things that all generations deserve to fight for – ours and the next,” Konstantinos Zervas, mayor of Thessaloniki, said, according to a Google translation of his statement.

While both marches were largely peaceful, there were several arrests.

This video, taken by Twitter user @teknongianni, shows the marchers in Thessaloniki. Credit: @teknongianni via Storyful

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