Massachusetts Firefighters Rescue Man and Dog From Icy Pond

Firefighters in Sterling, Massachusetts, braved icy waters to rescue a man and a dog trapped in a frozen pond on Sunday, January 19.

According to the Sterling Fire Department, firefighters responded to reports of a dog, named Max, that had fallen through the ice on East Waushacum Pond in Sterling late on Sunday morning.

While firefighters were en route to the scene, the dog’s owner attempted to rescue his pet using his canoe. The canoe tipped over, however, and the owner fell into the icy water.

Firefighters, dressed in ice rescue suits and connected to the shore with ropes, used a sled to rescue the man before going after the dog.

The man was evaluated by paramedics on the scene, but refused treatment or transport by ambulance, the fire department said. A veterinary team found the dog be hypothermic, but otherwise uninjured. Credit: Sterling Fire Department via Storyful